Tuesday, July 26, 2005

on the road again

Sunday I arrived here in California, but not before Spencer and I spent a few hours at the World Series of Dog Shows in the morning. We enjoyed watching agibilty, flyball, frisbee and freestyle. Spencer's head was in constant motion to see so many dogs in on place! We were able to squeeze in a quick trip to Uncle Mike's for lunch to visit with family while they were in town (where Spencer was able to continue saying and signing "great-grandma") before Jim had to run off for MBA stuff and I had to get to the airport.

I forgot how much I really love the bay area in California. As long as I am stuck being away from my sweetie and my baby, this would probably be my first choice. And, as far as trips go, this is a pretty easy one as I'm here for training - no presentations to give, no team breakout sessions to define deliverables, just pay attention and absorb information. It's also great fun to get to finally put a name with a face on people I've worked very closely with for the past few years. We're based in a swanky hotel in the middle of the very trendy Santana Row which allows us to walk to dinner in the evening.

This will be the longest stretch of time away from Spencer since he arrived. I was so ridiculously happy when Jim sent a picture of him to my phone during a simple outing to the grocery store. Hopefully the week will fly by, and I'll be back in Houston giving him a big hug real soon!

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