Tuesday, August 30, 2005

back in TX

Well, it's not surprising I barely got to blog in NY. The time when we are there is always so jammed packed. This trip included celebrating mom's birthday, a few visits with Spencer's great-grandma (he says and signs "great-grandma" very nicely now!) more visits with moms friends and most importantly for Spencer was a trip to the Chappaqua library for storytime! He was so excited to return to the familiar room and after the first toddler selected Spencer's favorite rhyme, he could hardly contain himself and exploded "YAY!" when it was over! We were next to choose, and the librarian asked "what would Spencer like to sing" and he promptly answered her! He was sitting in my lap so I hadn't seen his hand signal to communicate but then she said "ok, good choice Spencer," and we started singing another one of his favorite tunes!

Spencer's accomplishments this long weekend include:
- swimming in a lake for the first time (and getting nibbled by fish!)
- learning the color turqoise
- picking cherry tomatoes (and learning that he should only pick red ones!)
My accomplishments this long weekend include:
- Getting Mah Jong three times in a row
These were the first plane rides I think Spencer actually enjoyed (sort of.) He was definitely aware of the fact that we were at an airport and there were airplanes all around, and I think he understood that we were actually on an airplane as well. He was an excellent passenger both ways, but much of that has to do with the time of day and length of flight. Today's flight was exceptionally nice with good luck having an empty middle seat in our row. I'm not sure how I have never known until this trip that LaGuardia airport has a wonderful family restroom which makes navigating solo with a stroller a breeze.

Here are pictures from the trip.

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