Monday, August 08, 2005

It seems as though I think about blogging every day, but by the time I get around to posting, another whole week has elapsed. Even though we have all been in town for the last nine days (hooray!) we are still on a tag team schedule. I have taught two Baby Signs Parent Workshops since the last post, so Jim and Spencer got quality time then. And Spencer and I have had plenty of quality time with Jim's MBA work - both group study sessions and getting away to allow for some quiet individual study time at home. This weekend we cooled off at the outdoor pool at the Y, and also met up with friends at Splashtown. Last night Jim & I got away for a nice dinner at Fleming's - yum!

Spencer turned 20 months old last week. Geez. His signs and language skills are continuing to explode. He knows almost the entire alphabet (V and Z continue to trip him up) thanks in large part to his daily play with foam letters during bathtime and listening to Here Come the ABCs on the way to and from school. We had started with a few at a time, and were amazed as we 'introduced' more than he already knew them! I don't know how I learned then, but I definitely remember my sister learning letters in kindergarten!

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