Monday, August 01, 2005

weekend in Houston!

Spencer and I had a happy reunion on Friday evening and I hugged him until he said "all done!" Over the weekend we had lot of quality (and quantity!) time together. With Saturday being a class day for Jim, Spencer and I were together for the entire day. Having finally adjusted to PDT, it still felt quite early to me when Spencer roused his sleepy self at 7:45am. We played around the house together in the morning and hit Wal*Mart before lunchtime. Spencer loves the large sign out front and shouts "W! M! W! M!" After his nap, we had a great afternoon together at the Y outdoor pool, and even ran into a friend from our Mommy & Me gym class from earlier in the summer. Back at the house, he did a great job entertaining himself for a bit to let me cook so the two of us could enjoy a nice dinner of chicken marsala. With just a couple of page turns left in Goodnight Moon, Jim came home in time to kiss him goodnight and cap off a great day. Sunday followed a similar pattern, but it also included Jim, which was very nice. Our mother-son afternoon outing was to the Children's Museum, and Jim met us for dinner at Niko Niko's.

We also caught up on a little tv last night, and I'm still very much in shock over Six Feet Under...

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