Monday, August 22, 2005

busy weekend

It seems like there is not any other kind. With school underway for Jim, the weekends are quite tiring. We enjoyed last minute social plans to have dinner with friends and their son on Friday night. On Saturday, Spencer and I had company join us at the Children's Museum which was super fun. I forgot my camera, but thankfully Michelle took pictures. Jim was able to meet the four of us at Ruggles for lunch, and then headed off to Rice to meet with his team until it was quite late. Sunday morning was lazy family time: enjoying some date nut bread I had made the night before, and hanging around the house until lunchtime. After Spencer's nap, he and I headed to the outdoor pool at the Y for the rest of the afternoon. Until now he had been apprehensive of of the wall o' water that cascades off of the rooftop of the main play structure, but yesterday he ventured through it a few times and overall had a blast!

Spencer's words and signs are coming more and more easily. He has been putting two words together for a while, but now we are seeing the beginnings of sentences emerge, such as "Elmo dance on table" and "orange juice in Spencer's purple cup." Of course, when he says 'Spencer' it still comes out sounding like 'Bobin.' We tried working on that yesterday, saying "s-s-s-s-pencer" and as usual he repeated "s-s-s-s-bobin."

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