Tuesday, August 23, 2005

cuddly book?

The last two nights Spencer has PLEADED to have his rainbow book in the crib with him. Not exactly a cuddly request, and his crib is getting a bit full with pillow, puppy, lion, blanket and now rainbow. But when I handed it to him he threw the blanket off and sat up so he could read. Good grief.

Today we received an invitation to a birthday party for one of Spencer's classmates at school. How nice! Jim and I were talking earlier in the week how we feel so much less connected at this new school. Before, we knew all of the kids and all of the parents. Spencer's world has expanded from an infant room with 10 babies 0-18 months, to his new toddler room with 24 toddlers from 18-24 months. So there are many more names and faces and the turnover is quite rapid. On the same hand, we felt that we HAD to stay tightly connected at the old school to keep an eye on things and decisions that were being made. It is so much more relaxing for us to trust in the staff and structure at his new school and know that everything is going great. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to the party and meeting other parents.

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