Monday, March 27, 2006

Blogging from Bangalore

Bangalore has been great. I arrived Friday night in time for our team dinner where I got to meet many of my co-workers resident here who I have only communicated with via phone and email. Our hotel was the nicest one yet (see pictures added at the end of the India photo album) with a terrific Szechwan restaurant. We also had some time to do a little shopping. Bangalore is quite different than the cities we've visited so far - seems much more modern here. It was so relaxing to have a couple of days off from working, and to leisurely wander around our hotel grounds, as well as visit the amazing Leela Palace hotel. Suddenly it's 1:00am Tuesday, and we are getting ready to leave work and head back to the hotel to catch a few hours sleep before heading to the airport in the morning.

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