Saturday, March 04, 2006


The last few weeks have been outrageously busy. I though all would be calm and quiet once the exam was behind me, but that didn't exactly happen. Last weekend we had a fabulous visit with mom down from NY and fabulous weather to enjoy here too! We went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (just the livestock show, actually) and Spencer had a blast seeing all of the "chickens and eggs and ducks and llamas and chicks and pigs and chickens!" as he was still recounting this morning, "and dinosaurs too!" Umm, no.

Spencer also had his first sleep over last weekend as a trial run to prepare for later in March when Jim will be in class and I'll be out of the country. Fortunately, it was a huge success. Spencer had such a blast, ate everything that was prepared for dinner and breakfast (not a big shocker) and behaved very well. At least that's what our friends told us, and we believe them because they are looking forward to the next sleepover!

Here are some pictures from the livestock show and a trip to check out Oprah's efforts to create Angel Lane.

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