Monday, January 26, 2004

The jury is set for Martha Stewart's trial and it does not include pop. Albeit a highly interesting opportunity, pretty crummy timing for a self-employed CPA to be away from the office for over a month. He said he was about four feet away from her while he was in the jury box at the beginning of the morning while the judge was explaining how things would work. That was before all of the lawyers went back to the judge's chambers for one on one questioning with each juror. Once that was underway, the courtroom was not very stimulating. Having finished the book he had started on the train ride earlier in the morning, he tried to find out from the courtroom sketchers where their work would appear. Unfortunately, that conversation was not permitted. When his turn in chambers came, they asked directed questions about his responses on the juror's questionnaire that had been filled out in advance. Questions like 'do you admire Martha Stewart?' (interstesting, as she is in the room as well!) and 'what's your opinion of stockbrokers.' When that concluded, he waited for a short while as the lawyers for both sides privately discussed his responses, and then the judge appeared and told him that he could head home.

Plus, the length of this trial may have conflicted with scheduling a return visit to Houston to visit Spencer until after tax season.

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