Saturday, January 24, 2004

Spencer has been such a champ when meeting new people. This evening we went to a housewarming party at Monique's big home up in Tomball. We were so proud showing off our son to everyone there. One woman who is expecting her first granddaughter in March just couldn't get enough of Spencer. She was absolutely in heaven being able to hold and feed him. Earlier today we were able to introduce Spencer to Mark when he stopped by the house during his last minute trip back to Houston to visit friends. A couple of photos of him and Spencer were added to the January photo album.

Yesterday Audra came to the house to hang out during the day. We tried to go out to lunch, but after the car was all loaded up and we were ready to head out, Spencer decided to wake up and annouce that he was hungry so we brought everything back in the house and stayed in for the afternoon instead. At night, the three of us (Jim, Spencer and I) did manage to make it out to eat with Heath & Kim & Chloe. He was very good at the restaurant and slept the whole time so we were able to eat uninterrupted. Yeah! Looking back, I think I prattled on quite a bit about feeding the baby and incessantly tracking ounces and hours. However, back at the house, Spencer showed his true colors as Kim helped feed him the 11 ounces he wanted before he went to sleep for the night. Good grief baby.

Right now he's being very fussy. I guess that's part of the price for the good times earlier. He's already eaten a ton this evening and we keep thinking that sleep should be right around the corner, but apparently our baby has other plans.

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