Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Mom flew back home to NY last night, and I think Spencer too is a bit sad as he has been enjoying her company this long weekend. It's been wonderful having her here to help me and spend quality time together with me and the baby. When they learned she was coming back down for a visit, different business contacts and friends loaded up her carry-on with gifts. So many people have been showering our son with kindness it's almost overwhelming. Mom has such good friends, and through their friendship with her, they have been so wonderful and generous towards our family. I remember reading something many years ago that said something along the lines of 'your good friends are the ones who parents are also in your address book.' I think this could also be expanded the other direction as I now have my mom's friends in addition to some of my friends' moms. In my life, those are people like Tracy - who flew out to visit when I was pregnant, returned a month later to visit Spencer as a newborn, and will fly back in another two months (next time she is in the country) to check in on us again. Friends like Audra who has been so excited for us and Spencer months before he arrived, and seems to bring something else for him every time she comes to visit. Like Bari who has been so incredibly helpful with lessons learned from her two little ones, as well as generous hand-me-downs like their entire supply of bottles and accessories. Like Heath and Kim who call and come by regularly just to make sure we're hanging in and doing ok as new parents. Like Carol who responded immediately to my woeful questions following Spencer's bris; and like Dianne who lets me vent about the frustrations of breast feeding and the ridiculously small amount of time off from work. We have experienced such a wonderful network of support during this tough time, and this list of those contributing is quite long. It was obvious right away how everyone's generosity completed Spencer's room - we have had to purchase little more than diapers and wipes for our baby, and even those necessities were well-stocked for the entire first month. I never imaged the amount of emotional support more importantly required to get through this time. I am thankful for all of my friends, and especially my mom.

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