Thursday, January 06, 2005

"All Done!"

It was cool to see the signing babies in "Meet the Fockers." Now perhaps folks will have a better idea of what our life is like with Spencer. He knows and uses about two dozen signs - including eat, drink, sleep, play, socks, shoes, and of course 'milk' which was signed many times during the movie! He is also saying more words for which he does not have signs. He can identify and say his favorite shape "oh-oh" (oval) and favorite color "puh-pull" (purple) and is working on a few more colors with help such as "deen" (green) and "boo" (blue) and "elllll" (yellow - which involves running his tongue back and forth across his upper lip!)

He definitely has a good handle on "all done" (both speaking and signing) and is able to generalize the concept very well. He announces "all done" when he has finished dinner, when he is ready to get out of the bath tub, and when he has turned the last page of a book and reached the end. This weekend while playing around he paused for a bit to grunt and poop in his diaper, and when the grunting stopped he looked at Jim and announced "all done!"

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