Monday, January 31, 2005

keep on chowing

This weekend was a bit off for Spencer. He ran a fever Friday afternoon, spiked at 103.4 on Saturday, and came back around 100 on Sunday. Fortunately no other symptoms, besides just being a little cranky for my pop's weekend visit. But it sure didn't affect his appetite. Holy cow. Saturday we had lunch out at Pappasito's (a must when visitors are here from out of town) and Spencer put away an unbelievable amount of food. He just kept asking for 'more' and packing it in. Part of me thought he might throw up later in the afternoon, but it never happened. And at dinner time he ate a huge amount of food again! We were stunned and impressed. Not to mention the few bottles of milk plus a snack he had between the two meals. He is usually a good eater, and we've seen him pack it in like this before, but back-to-back meals of that size was an eye-popping feat.

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