Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year! We have enjoyed a long week off of work - even sending Spencer to school for most of the week to allow us time to do things for ourselves (like run errands and go to the movies!) On Thursday poor Spencer was sent home from school early with a fever, but fortunately it was gone by bedtime.

Spencer's signing and verbal vocabulary continues to improve. We took a walk to the nearby duck pond today so Spencer could get a closer look and he has been saying "duck duck duck" and signing it all day. And yesterday at the grocery store he was so excited to see to many apples all in one place! I gave him one which he held with both hands (and did try to eat) while riding in the cart repeating "ah-pull."

Pics from today are in a new January album. And the December album has been updated with more pics found in the camera with Spencer wearing some of his new clothes and also enjoying opening a Hanukkah present from mom.

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