Thursday, January 20, 2005

back to normal

Spencer ran a small fever and had gotten sick a few times over the weekend, but he seemed to have turned a corner by Monday/Tuesday, and now with mom back in NY, I thought for sure that on Wednesday everything was going to go "back to normal" around here. But instead, Spencer threw up all over himself when Jim was taking him to school. So they came back home where I watched him for most of the morning and Jim did duty in the afternoon. I felt frustrated for forgetting we had encountered this pattern before a few months ago. The doctor had explained to us that often times a nasty stomach bug can shear off the ends of the villi in the stomach, and this is where lactase is stored. So, after the bug passes, the baby develops a temporary lactose intolerance and returning him to milk causes more diarrhea and vomiting. Sigh. Back off of milk again, and back on a diet to help bind things up. Spencer took three naps yesterday, and was not quite on top of his game, but did quite fine considering. So, today was another attempt at "back to normal." But after Jim and Spencer left, I discovered that our recently flaky high speed connection was out. For us, this means no internet and no phone, essentially rendering my home office worthless. Jim came back to the house to wait for the cable guy, while I dashed to the office to host meetings from there. We swapped again after lunchtime, and fortunately everything is working fine now (after I understand multiple cable guys were checking out screw ups all along our cul-du-sac.) Maybe tomorrow things will get back to normal...

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