Tuesday, May 04, 2004

May is here, and today Spencer is exactly five months old. Omigosh! In honor of this occassion, I brought him by the pediatrician's office on his way to school to get some updated stats. (Drumroll.) Spencer now weighs 18 pounds and 6 ounces. He measures 27 3/4 inches in length! Big guy! Now that May is here, we have also started a May album with a couple of pictures.

I was also thinking about Wendy this weekend, remembering that her little Paige just turned one year old. We last saw each other when she and Paige came to visit Spencer and me in the hospital. No, that's not quite right, we saw each other the next weekend at the hockey shower at Dawn's house. Then Wendy moved to Dallas a few short weeks later. I dialed her old cell phone number, and was pleasantly surprised to hear her answer. It was really great to spend some time catching up on the past several months.

The hockey shower reminds me... Dawn is moving to Europe, and the dog won't be joining them. If anyone is interested in adopting their eight year old Great Dane, Goose, please let me know, He's a super-sweetheart and very well behaved.

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