Monday, May 17, 2004

Peace & quiet. I probably shouldn't put that in print, for fear of jinxing the situation and waking young Spencer, but right now all is calm in the Leach household. We enjoyed a nice dinner with Kim & Chloe and Carol & Brian. I should have taken pictures of all of the babies playing together, but I didn't. Just a video clip of Brian testing out Spencer's Deluxe Jumperoo. He LOVED it. Overall, I think the evening worked out just great with everyone taking turn napping, playing the bouncy seat and being fed in the high chair. AND the three of us adults actually got to sit down and eat dinner at the same time! Speaking of eating, Spencer got the hang of it over the weekend! We introduced him to sweet potatoes and he thinks they are mighty fine. There are a couple pics of his messy face added to the May photo album.

Yesterday we had lunch with Audra during her brief stop through Houston on her way to the airport for vacation to Maldives. I was thinking about her this afternoon, knowing that she had been traveling for about 24 hours, and still had several more to go... when suddenly her name popped up on instant messenger! "Audra? Is that really you?" It was! She had managed to find internet access during her layover in the airport in Dubai! Too crazy! I can't wait to see the pictures she'll have to share from halfway around the world.

And Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Chris & Katie!!!

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