Friday, May 14, 2004

Spencer is such a big boy already! Every day at school they comment on how much he has grown and filled out. Yesterday I scheduled an appointment for his SIX MONTH CHECK UP! Ack! I can't believe it! Spencer's newest tricks these days are making funny fish faces and sucking sounds with his mouth. He hasn't rolled over again since last week, but he he enjoys rolling from side to side. And this morning, Jim found him in his crib lying across the width of the matress and having a grand old time kicking the bumper!

Still no luck eating solid food yet. We've gone through an entire box of rice cereal during the past month, and the only time any got into his belly was when we put it in his bottle. After trying to spoonfeed about an ounce or so, we cut our losses of wasting precious milk and put the rest in a bottle with a special nipple. Some folks suggested that rice cereal might not be the most appealing, so this week we tried sweet potato. That didn't go over too well either. We'll take another stab at it again tonight. Although, we're not terribly concerned because he certainly seems to be thriving on breast milk alone. It can be an infant's sole source of food for a year or more, but we hope he'll get the hang of solids long before then!

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