Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Tired. I've been tired a lot lately. I expected that having a baby would leave me incapacitated and tired in a zombie-like sort of way, but the truth is that I now get enough sleep to function and just go around at about 80% on a good day. It is frustrating, to say the least. Last night Spencer woke up screaming at 4:20, and this morning he pulled something similar at 1:40. Now, having nursed him to fill his little tummy back up and calm him back down, I need to spend another 20 minutes pumping to see if there is anything left to send to school with him in the morning. The last few days he's taken all 24oz of his milk before 4:00pm, and they suggested perhaps I bring more to have on hand. Ack! Babies his age typically consume ~30 ounces a day, and he takes nearly that entire amount just at school! Oy. Solids are coming along, but it will take a while before they are eaten in volume enough to complement his liquid diet. (Last night's dinner of 1 ounce banana + 1 ounce squash doesn't make a huge dent in his calorie requirements for the day.)

For those that missed it, Letterman's Top Ten Things Never Said Before on "The Sopranos", delivered by the cast members themselves, was quite a hoot.

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