Monday, September 19, 2005

food for thought

Jim took a 36 hour study break this weekend - his best friend Karl flew in and they were able to do some flying and also go to the Steelers game on Sunday. They also had wristbands to get on the field before the game and were able to take some pretty close up pictures! Despite the fact that many of mine and Jim's good friends live around the country, they (and we) are happy to jump on a plane and close the gap quite often. Karl asked an interesting question during dinner Saturday night that has had my mind spinning since then. He was commenting on the amount of work that Jim's MBA program requires him to commit, and the corresponding amount of work it requires of me to take care of Spencer while he is so busy. I started to reply that while it was tough, I certainly was not bored. And I stopped to think - is it perhaps better that I have Spencer to 'play with' while Jim is in school? I could easily see myself getting a bit whiny about being left solo if we were pre-kids. Yes it requires a lot of work, but Spencer and I can make play dates with other friends and kids, or go on outings together. It might not work as well as a temporarily single person trying to be a tagalong. Yes, it is a bit exhausting when the weekend rolls around figuring out how Spencer will be entertained. I'm sure I'll be wishing for that feeling of boredom as we get deeper into the program, but for now I'm happy to have my buddy! (When I call Spencer "baby," he corrects me and says "buddy!") Here are some pictures from activities in September.

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