Tuesday, September 27, 2005

time to go home

Tomorrow morning Spencer and I return to Houston. We've had a great impromptu vacation here in NY. Spencer, mom and I have been having fun together and, as always, eating very well. Spencer packs away an impressive amount, more often than not. Last night we had a fun trip to open gym time where we met up with Zachary and Amy. Spencer was such a monkey swinging on the rings. He just loves it, and I'm sure can't wait to go to his next class at the Y. And, he was most delighted that they also gave out stamps at the end of class just like he is used to. He got stamped on one hand, then the other. Then he stuck the first arm back and said "arm!" Next he looked to his feet and legs which are usually exposed with shorts, but he was wearing long pants and socks and realized that wouldn't work. So he looked at the instructor, yanked up his shirt, and said "belly!"

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