Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Go Away Rita

That was displayed in lights on a sign in front of a nearby business and made me laugh out loud. But since hurricanes often have a mind of their own, we are going to go away instead. Thank goodness we took action when we did, because it seems that all outbound flights from Houston are now booked. As I write, Rita is a Category 5 and heading this way. The news is referring to it as "Katrina's BIG sister." We have opened our home to one of Jim's MBA teammates who is escaping his place about 50 miles south of us, much more in harms way. It is an added bonus to have someone keep an eye on things while we are gone.

We just watched the live landing of jetBlue in LAX with landing gear problems. And while it was predicted to be ok (and it was) it was stressful to watch nonetheless.

With our evacuation plans in hand for tomorrow morning, we took a little time out tonight to bring Spencer for some fun at Pump It Up who was having a drive to raise money for a Katrina relief fund. For the first hour, we were the only ones in the entire place! The next people to show up was a family I recognized from the YMCA. Sadly, I don't think they raised even $100.

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