Tuesday, September 06, 2005

long holiday weekend

Our new MO for the weekends is spending lots of time with Spencer away from the house so Jim can study. This weekend we went to the pool at the YMCA, the Children's Museum, Splashtown and Jumping Jax (and indoor play place that made me think of a crack house, and I'm not sure we will ever return, but it was an entertaining afternoon for $1.) It was also a wonderfully social weekend as well. Jim and I went to an "adult" party on Saturday night and drank margaritas until we rolled in at 2:00am. We had friends join us at Sunday's Children's Museum outing, and impromtu company for a snack afterwards at Ruggles. I love having friends who are spontaneous! Our trip to Splashtown yesterday was great. We arrived in time to walk through the gate as it opened, and enjoyed a very uncrowded morning. Spencer requested to visit the dolphin slide first. He went down that slide over and over again for about 15 minutes, and we were the only ones in that area for the entire time!

Spencer's food opinions are increasing by the day: "red juice (v8) in purple cup" and we try to jump in ahead of time and offer up options of what is available in the fridge, and clean in the cabinet, before he sits and thinks of something we might not be able to deliver. Last night we took him to Hido, where he enjoyed the show and devoured everything on his plate. He is a big fan of soup (or "oop!" as he calls it) and gave a big "Mmm" after each mouthful. And the day before at Ruggles he happily enjoyed an entire cup of tomato basil soup. Soup with a spoon is still too challenging (yogurt is about as thin as he can manage) so he drank it from a cup, stopping to remove some basil from his mouth. I expect I'll be making a bunch of soups as fall (?) comes along!

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