Sunday, September 11, 2005

Spencer's pals

Well, we didn't get to meet Paige at the birthday party on Saturday night for Spencer's classmate Ian, but we did meet sweet Ann Marie, and a pal named Brandon. Spencer had SO MUCH FUN playing around with his friends at Pump It Up. And I enjoyed getting to meet three sets of parents from his class. Ann Marie's mom's jaw practically hit the floor when Spencer came over to say hi and called Ann Marie by name. He had a truly great evening bouncing around, going down the big slide, and 'socializing' with his friends! With Jim at Rice and unable to attend the party, Spencer didn't get to share stories with him until this morning. He told Jim all about "Ian's party" and listed off his friends "Ian, Ann Marie and Brandon" he saw, and told him that he ate "pizza" and "cake" and made sure to tell Jim that they were able to "jump!" It was so cute to see how much he enjoyed reliving the event! Tonight, when Jim was putting Spencer to bed, he reminded him that tomorrow was Monday and that he would be going to school. And Spencer responded "Ian's party?"

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