Friday, September 02, 2005

Spencer has a girlfriend

This week's return to school after the trip to NY was a joyous one for Spencer, apparently. Usually when we talk about school, he runs through the list of names of his teachers and a few friends. But this week we heard a new name, and he kept on repeating the name as if this was the only person at school: Paige. "Paige. Paige. Like Paige. Like Paige." Hmmm. So yesterday Jim just had to ask the teachers about this. They confirmed what we had suspected, which is that Spencer and Paige are definitely buds. (And they added that she is very sweet and a cutie.) Her cubby is near Spencer's, and next to the boy whose party we are attending next weekend. I am really hoping that she was invited to the party too and I can watch them interact!

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