Sunday, September 25, 2005


Flights resumed today and Jim is now back in Houston. He planned to go ahead of Spencer and I in order to ensure conditions were siutable for our return. And while we were fortunate that our home was spared damage, we have intermittent (mostly not-working) connectivity with our cable/internet/phone and are worrying if electricity will go off as well. So Spencer and I are going to stay in NY a little while longer than anticipated.

We are having a good trip, in spite of the circumstance. Tomorrow morning will be Spencer's third visit to storytime at the library in four days. He LOVES it so much and clearly asks for his rhyme of choice when it is his turn to choose. On Friday, when we started singing Ring Around the Rosy, Spencer immediately grabbed the hand of the little girl next to him and started walking her around the room. At the end of the rhyme ('all fall down') he went down and pulled her to the ground too. Her mom and I were laughing so hard, it was completely adorable! Jim and I were even able to escape for a quick trip to Barryville last night with friends to check out the Von Steuben Festival and enjoy a little time away from Spencer. Today mom and I took him to Muscoot where he was able to get up close and personal with some animals.

This is still a game of 'wait and see.' But it is wonderful to be able to be here relaxing with family.

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