Friday, October 07, 2005

busy week!

Man, I want to exhale now that this week is behind us, but with it being a class weekend for Jim, I've got Spencer solo for today and tomorrow. Tuesday we all went to temple for the holidays, Wednesday was *finally* the return of HNL and yesterday was our anniversay. Poor Spencer has spent the last 48 hours drugged up on Benadryl to keep him from scratching open the dozens of bites on his arms and legs. So far, so good. Added help with the temps dropping 30 degrees since yesterday and now he's wearing long sleeves and jeans to school today.

I bought a couple of pumpkins last weekend and Spencer LOVES having them around the house. Some of the costume ideas that have been brewing mught have to be put aside in favor of a pumpkin, as Spencer can't get enough these days. We'll have to see.

Spencer is so darn funny these days and makes us laugh all of the time now. A few of his favorite games includes 'hiding' toys, for himself. He'll throw something over the couch, and then walk around shrugging his shoulders asking "where did it go??" Or he also likes to take the cover off of the back of tv remotes and ask "what happened??" This morning it was super-windy and the wine chimes outside our front door were clanging around. Spencer stood in the middle of the room and declared "I hear ding-dong!" I was also able to put his busy self to work this morning as he helped me load up the washing machine and annouce everything as he put each item in: "daddy's sock! Spencer's shirt!"

I'm sure as he gets older we'll have more things to laugh about, like this story which cracked me up!

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