Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Oprah Rules

Last Tuesday night I watched a recorded episode of Oprah and saw stories about highly disturbing child predators. As a victim of child molestation herself, she has taken to highlight this disgusting trend of offenses against children. She showed numerous wanted photos from the FBI and offered a personal reward for any info leading to an arrest. And right now I'm watching this afternoon's recorded episode and feel so good to learn that TWO people were captured by the FBI within 48 hours of that show airing. And Oprah is continuing to push legislation through in the states to change penalties to make sure convicted predators are never allowed to walk freely again. Go Oprah! I just can not imagine what these parents of victims experience. It's incredible; the tremendous feeling of protectiveness that develops when you know you have a child to protect. Today's show helped make me feel a bit better knowing that people like Oprah are aggresively trying to make our country a safer place for our children.

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