Saturday, October 22, 2005

Spencer's twin?

This is a class week for Jim, which means that Spencer and I are on our own all day Friday and all day Saturday. Yesterday Spencer and I enjoyed the annual Fall Festival at his school, and they did it up right with tons of fun activites and even a petting zoo! In the end I was glad that Spencer wore his Elvis costume again this year (I am still not quite sure how it did indeed zip up!) because it was such a huge hit. His teacher even put him in it at 9:00am and paraded him around to show others! And at the festival he made so many other parents stop and smile, which made me happy too.

Today we checked out another pumpkin patch (sticking with my goal to visit one every free day in October!) And I did indeed bring my camera this time. The weather was spectacular - low 80's and not a cloud in the sky. We were right near Hooks Airport so Spencer was delighted to see so many small planes coming in for landing so close overhead. While we were sitting and resting and having a snack in the shade of a giant bale of hay, a woman approached and asked if Spencer went to xyz school. I said yes, and she continued "He is my son's twin! One day I went to pick up my son and they handed your son to me and even took a few steps out of the classroom before I realized that he wasn't my kid!" She kept saying that was exactly how her boy looked at that age (he's almost exactly one year older than Spencer) so it was kind of weird to see the two of them together and think that perhaps this is how Spencer will look in another year. You can see for youself in the pictures from today's visit to the pumpkin patch.

Unfortunately, my camera battery died when we arrived at Monique's house afterwards. Which was too bad, because Spencer had such a blast there playing with her dogs, riding a bike (with help!) petting their rescue horses, playing on big swings and slides in their spacious backyard. It was really good to catch up with Mo, we used to see each other regularly at spinning class, but I haven't gone in months. They were Spencer's very first visitors at the hospital after he was born, and got to see him when he was only about three hours old! It was a very special visit indeed.

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