Thursday, October 20, 2005

maxxed out

I think I am truly stretched right now with demands for work (HP & Baby Signs,) home, and Spencer at the limit on all fronts. Ack. One of the exciting changes on the home front is our new car! An opportunity presented itself over the weekend to sell our old car and it was too good to pass up. And coincidentally we noticed this morning that our next door neighbors got a new vehicle as well. Spencer's school is busy, and tomorrow is their big annual festival. I spent quite a while sewing (and ripping stiches and re-sewing) part of a costume, but in the end I think we're going to squeeze him into Elvis tomorrow so I can take more time to prepare this year's costume for next weekend.

Even though we had no empty seat on the return flight from NY, Spencer did pretty well. Just one more trip to visit Tracy in Atlanta next month and then we'll be buying Spencer a ticket and will be guaranteed a place for him to sit. I'm anxious for Spencer to get to enjoy hanging out with real life "big puppies" (his nickname for his giant stuffed animal at home) and also see Tracy's grand fishtanks as well.

More immediately, we'll continue visiting pumpkin patches here in Houston for the weekend. And one final class at the Y, which he loves. There are at least four different things I wish I could do tonight (lecture at temple, lecture at Rice, homeowners meeting, dinner with Mark) but I think I will be stuck at home. Sigh.

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