Monday, October 24, 2005

family outing

Well, after a long weekend in NY, and Jim spending four of our first five days back down at Rice, we finally had time to spend Sunday together. We enjoyed the awesome weather at the Oil Ranch which was surprisingly completely uncrowded. Spencer is still talking about how he got to "ride the pony!" and "milk the cow!" And somehow we ended up bringing home another pumpkin to bring the total in our house up to seven. I guess that means we're carving this weekend! We took a lot of pics yesterday that are in a new album.

I not even embarrassed to admit that I really enjoy the new show How I Met Your Mother. Every week it makes me laugh out loud. Maybe it's because some of the actors are familiar and it is so incongruous to see Doogie Howser tell crude jokes. At least tonight provided some comic relief on tv after the Astros let us down over the weekend.

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