Monday, October 10, 2005


Spencer is in love with pumpkins. He thinks they are simply awesome - and how luck he is that this month they are everywhere. I bought a couple at the store last week, one large and one small, and he talks about them every 10 minutes. He enjoys carrying the "baby pumpkin" around, even though he occassionally drops it and proclaims "hurt toe!" but that doesn't stop him from trying to pick up the big one too. After repeated attempts he simply says "too heavy" and brings the smaller one back so the "two pumpkins" can be "next to" each other. Yesterday we went to the Pumpkin Fest and Spencer was simply in heaven. He might have been equally happy at a simple pumpkin patch, but this setup had him grinning all afternoon. The highlights were "painting pumpkins," getting to "play in hay" and righting all of the larger pumpkins that had fallen on their side to make sure the "pumpkin bottom" was down and the "pumpkin top" was up. Unfortunately, we arrived without a camera, but a few other pics from the weekend added to the October album, including pictures of his painted pumpkins. (Which now bring the total in our house to five!)

Rock on Astros!

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