Sunday, October 02, 2005


I can't believe October is here already, but even more incredible is that when I flipped the page on the calendar I discovered that this month is already jam-packed. I was thankful for having so many activities lined up this weekend which freed up my brain from having to plan. Jim was in class, needing to make up the 20 hours missed last weekend due to the hurricane. And Spencer and I were out and about - from gym class at the Y, to a backyard BBQ, to a birthday party, and capping it off spending this evening with friends.

And I forgot to publicly say congrats to Heath & Kim & Chloe who welcomed baby brother Cade on Thursday! I was able to greet the litte guy and hold him before he was even 24 hours old. I can't believe how much I have already forgotten about taking care of babies; it seems so distant from where we are now with Spencer.

Pictures from October are here.

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