Thursday, August 21, 2003

I rememeber the month or so before Chloe entered Heath and Kim's lives last September that we saw many movies together, knowing that going out for the evening would soon be a thing of the past for them once she arrived. Last night Jim and I checked out S.W.A.T. with Jack & Lori and Todd & Nana. While it was not a very original plot, I did find it to be a fun movie. But then again, I'm also looking forward to seeing Marci X which opens tomorrow, despite the fact that I know it was made a few years back, and apparently some scenes have already been "copied" in movies that have already been released. (One mentioned this morning on 104 was about Lisa Kudrow threatening to unload her Tae Bo, sounding similar to that memorable catfight scene in Bringing Down the House.)

Tom Viney's baby girl arrived on Monday. Congrats!! He says he is already missing his sleep time. I think she is all we knew about for summer babies. So it should be quiet until the onslaught of October deliveries...

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