Tuesday, August 12, 2003

What a wonderful day! It was capped off by a fun dinner out at Pappasito's with a surprise celebration for Bari's 30th birthday. Super-yummy cake from R.J. Goodies which I haven't had in years; since leaving the mechanical team when we brought one in monthly for birthday celebrations. Despite telling our waitress that Bari didn't want singing, they came over anyway and planted the big sombrero on her head. Somehow I got blamed for this because I had been getting up and down to use the bathroom so often that Susan and Julie figured I had said something to our waitress during one of those trips.

This morning the guys came to replace our bedroom carpet. It was so wonderful to get rid of the carpet containing nastiness from 30 or so foster dogs from SAFE House Rescue and Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary during the past three years. The new carpet is clean and soft and lovely to walk on with bare feet! The day continued going well when I went outside at lunchtime - it was 76 degrees!! I swear that must be a new record low for Houston in August! I think May was the last time the temperature went below 80 in the evening, let alone mid-day! The nasty storm that came across Texas yesterday left Houston feeling wonderfully and unseasonably comfortable. At the end of the workday I won an ebay auction for a second pair of maternity jeans identical to the ones I bought new at Old Navy over the weekend. (Sale price for jeans at Old Navy = $32, ebay price for same (used) jeans = $13.)

Only low point today was stopping by Noah's Ark to return a dog crate that we have been using to foster dogs. I learned from Heather that their lease was not renewed, and they have been unable to secure a new location. The Houston Chronicle ran a story over the weekend about how they will essentially have to close down most of the operation before this week is over. Very sad news.

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