Saturday, August 09, 2003

Last night was a semi-successful trip to the only Old Navy maternity store in the city of Houston. It's really just a section inside of a regular Old Navy store, so Jim was able to shop and get a few things too. I picked up a new pair of jeans that I desperately need (mine really don't work anymore) and a couple of basic t-shirts. I was hoping for more good stuff there, but as Old Navy is a national store, most of their stock was long-sleeve stuff to get ready for the fall. Fall? We have had temps over 100 this week, who can even look at long sleeves right now?

Jim hasn't sat down yet today, and won't for several hours. He has been getting some primer and paint on the walls and trim in the baby's room, and running outside to assemble the shed for lawn equipment storage in between coats. I (unable to help with any activites that involve chemical fumes or heavy lifting) am reading up in my copy of Baby Bargains and trying to get educated on crib manufacturers' safety ratings.

Perhaps we'll get down to Niko Niko's tonight for some gyros... We stopped by last night, but the line was as long as we've ever seen it. And, as they don't move particularly fast & we were on a bit of a time crunch to get to Old Navy before it closed, we decided to try again another time.

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