Friday, August 22, 2003

The Little League World Series is awesome! It was so exciting to watch the boys from Texas (just outside of Houston) battle back from being down 10-2, to tie it up 10-10 and send the game in to extra innings. We cheered as they pulled ahead 13-10 in the top of the next inning and watched their disappointment return as New England pulled out a 14-13 victory in the bottom of the frame. How crazy to be a parent at this event - emotional highs and lows like the kid has probably never experienced before. As the lead changed back and forth in the late innings, kids on both sides were visibly crying in the dugout from despair.

I think we've got a while to wait, as we have some time before Baby Boy Leach is walking, let alone able to swing a bat. This afternoon is another doctor visit where they will check the baby's heartbeat. Early on, that was the only reassurance that things were on track, but in the past two weeks or so I have been able to feel him regularly moving, squirming, rolling, jabbing, etc. so I am constantly reminded that he's alive and kicking in there. They will also check my weight to see how that is increasing. I have a feeling I will have gained a few pounds since they last checked four weeks ago. I step on a scale every few days at home and at the gym, but it's hard to discern gradual changes across different scales. Although, it is clearly on the rise!

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