Sunday, August 17, 2003

Yesterday was quite a trip! Kim was kind enough to meet me out and help me navigate through my first trip to Babies R Us and serve as the voice of experience. Whoa. Talk about overload at the store. We did a good job staying focused on the task at hand: nursery furniture - cribs, dressers & glide rockers. This was good, because I think I might have not been prepared to walk down an aisle filled with nothing but different kinds of pacifiers. I had no intentions to buy or register yesterday, just get an idea of what's out there, and get a better handle on what our bundle of joy is going to cost. I think the outing was a productive one, because I found that I kept gravitating towards the desigs of one particular crib manufacturer (who scored well in Baby Bargains, which you know I was carrying around in the store with me!) While there we ran into Stacie! One of my Rice buddies that I haven't seen in forever. How funny to randomly run into an old pal, only to find that since the last time you visited (they came to our house right after we moved in nearly five years ago) you have both since gotten married and are now both shopping for baby stuff! She's due in February, so not another one to add to the ever-increasing October total!

Speaking of October due dates, last night was a shower for Brett and Liana at a phenomenal home out in High Meadow Ranch. They are both such good people. I went solo to this huge event, where I knew zero of the ~50 people, and they both made sure to introduce me around to their friends to ensure that I would have a good time. Dinner was wonderful, and their friends were so warm - it was a fun evening. Brett and Liana joked how this was the first time that their parents have seen each other since their wedding nearly seven years ago. (And added that they both asked to be reminded of the others' first names on the trip in from the airport!) Cute. As Liana opened her gifts, she made sure to point out items recommended in Baby Bargains. To which all of the other moms of toddlers nodded in agreement, "oh yes, that is good to have!"

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