Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Today is the final day of week 20. What that means is that after tonight, I will officially enter the second half of this pregnancy. But, all of that is a bit skewed, since it takes a couple of weeks before you get confirmation about being pregnant at all.

Tomorrow is the day we get to 'see' Baby Boy Leach in 3D!! Jim found this website about a Houston anchorwoman's story and pics from her 4D earlier this year. I was reading last night that sometimes these 3D/4D images can look more "normal" another month or so into the pregnancy, once the baby has developed a bit more fat. At this point in time, our baby should be about 10 inches long, and weigh about 10.5 ounces. So, that's roughly 1/2 of his final length, but only about 1/12 of his final weight! "Alien baby" is the term we've heard thrown around to describe what we might see tomorrow. Measurements taken of the femur bone during the ultrasound two weeks ago indicated that our little guy is growing and developing as anticipated. Can't wait until tomorrow afternoon to get another look inside!!

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