Sunday, February 22, 2004

It was so good of Audra to call on her way back into town to see about meeting up for dinner. We went out to Guadalajara with her and Dawn and Joni. Spencer cried and fussed a little bit during the meal, but was well-behaved overall. Dawn asked when I would be returning to hockey, but didn't give me the third degree I was expecting. Right now Spencer's evenings are so fussy it seems hard to commit to being away on a regular weekly basis for a league. We're still a bit confused as to how to handle this 'limbo' period for putting Spencer to bed. He's a bit beyond the 'do what ever it takes to get him to fall asleep and be quiet' and not quiet old enough to 'train proper bedtime rituals.' We gave him a bath when we got home last night (and he is indeed starting to enjoy them somewhat) then another feeding, and just when we think everything is quiet and ready for bed, he begins his usual late night cry. Argh!

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