Monday, February 09, 2004

We are so lucky to have such good friends who are brave enough to spend a weekend with us and two month old Spencer. Karl and Heather came to town for a visit, and to meet our little bundle of joy. Spencer was a pretty darn good baby, well-behaved (i.e. sleeping) most of the time when we were at restaurants and slept for decent stretches during the night as well. Karl joked how this was some of the most sleep they had gotten in recent weeks - who would have thought that to be possible? It was an absolutely beautiful day here on Saturday. Jim, Karl & Heather took advantage of the awesome weather to do some flying around the city and get current. I headed over to SAFE adoption with Spencer to introduce him to Joyce and Greg and Kacie and a whole bunch of the pooches as well. They all kept saying what a good looking little guy he is! It was great having adult company around and (try to) discuss subjects other than babies. Karl even extended the standing invite to include Spencer if we wanted to stay with them in the city next time we're in NY. Wow. Here are a few pics from our weekend.

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