Saturday, February 21, 2004

Just when I think things have really begun to turn a corner I feel like I get punched below the belt. Earlier this week I was feeling really good about my new role as a mom. Having my mother in town was a big help, and the visit to Spencer's pediatrician the week before yielded some good suggestions for breastfeeding. He was most helpful, and we now have about 40 ounces of milk in the freezer. I had been optimistic that we were all set for Spencer and I to start school and work in just one more week. But yesterday I went back to my doctor because I suspected something just wasn't right again. And she confirmed that Spencer and I have thrush. Argh. Another infection. Ironically, it's possible that taking antibiotics to treat the mastitis is what made me susceptible to getting this! So now I'm requiring medication again, and we will likely have to visit Spencer's pediatrician again after the weekend to get some type of baby mouthwash for him. And, I asked about my sore abdomen while I was there as well, and a quick exam concluded that my muscles have been significantly weakened and I am at risk for a hernia. No lifting, except for the baby of course. Good grief.

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