Sunday, February 29, 2004

Stacie's baby girl is so tiny! In fact, I'm not sure that Spencer was ever that small. She felt so incredibly light to hold - weighing less than eight pounds now, and Spencer is about twice that! Spencer was not a very good guest, as he started screaming about 10 minutes after we arrived. I had hoped he would continue his morning nap, but he decided he was up and didn't want to go back to sleep. After a few vain attempts, we took the little ones on a walk. Their house backs up to Red Wolf Run golf course, and as the day was a bit cool and cloudy and windy, the course was not too crowded. (Ironically, Jim was golfing at Atascocita - which meant we were less than 10 miles away from each other, over 40 miles from our house!) As usual, Spencer settled down and ultimately dozed off during our walk. Here are a few pictures of us and our babies. I still need to get a copy of the picture Tracy took of Stacie and I hugging each other when we were in our 7th and 9th months of pregnancy.

After dinner out with Lori and Jack, we came home to discover that Spencer had finally pooped! And, after 72 hours, it was a big one! I'm afraid that the blowout may have rendered one of his little white t-shirts no longer wearable. Good thing we were getting ready to bathe him anyhow because the little man was quite a mess, but, as usual, he didn't seem to care in the least!

Lots of work to do today to get everyone ready for tomorrow. We have to write his name on everything (clothes, bottles, etc.) decide what items will be left at school with him (changes of clothes, bibs, etc.) and get a system figured out for how we will be bringing milk over in an ongoing basis. There are nearly 50 ounces in the freezer right now, so we are well-equipped to drop off plenty with him in the morning. It's hard to know exact numbers while nursing, but babies this age require up to 40 ounces a day.

Thanks for all of the kind wishes and votes of encouragement for tomorrow. Knowing I have support from friends is definitely helping to ease my mind through this difficult time.

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