Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Yesterday was a follow up dr. visit from the breast infection. As I have clearly moved beyond that event, we spent most of the appointment discussing troubles with breastfeeding this hungry guy in general. She was helpful in giving some new advice that I will try to fold in to the current strategy adopted since visiting Spencer's pediatrician last week. I also took the opportunity to share my awful experiences with the lactation consultant they recommend and the things she told me that were just plain false. It was clear in looking at Spencer that he is healthy and happy. Most of the trouble is trying to get myself settled in with a schedule, and that will all change when we go to work and school in just two more weeks.

Reality of nursing is that it is quite limiting on my time. The ability to pump affords me some flexibility because it allows me time away from the baby for errands or dinner out. But I still have a 'curfew' which caps the amount of time I can be away based more on my own needs than Spencer's. I had been looking forward to returning as a judge in this year's SCI://TECH Exposition, as it is rewarding and encouraging to see how mature and intelligent some of the kids are out there. But I finally concluded I just can't swing it. The jr. high judging is from 5-9pm up at Montgomery College which means that it will take at least an hour to get there at that time of day, and close to that to return. Six hours is just too much. Heck, I don't even get to sleep for six hours at a stretch during the night! So I guess I'll add this to the list with the hockey tournament as things I will once again be able to consider for 2005.

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