Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Things seemed to have returned to normal (our new definition of normal) this week. I finished off the last of my antibiotics this morning, and have been feeling better, and my production is back up. I wouldn't wish a breast infection on my worst enemy, it was a physically and emotionally painful experience. Although it has been over 50 years since grandma nursed a baby, I could practically hear her nodding over the phone in sympathy as she remembered the pain of "milk fever." Spencer's last taste of formula was on Friday. It's taken a fair amount of effort, but I've been able to meet his needs since then. Now my goal is to try and get ahead and start to siphon off a couple of ounces into the freezer every couple of days in preparation for my return to work. I'll have to drop off Spencer at school with about 20 ounces or so for his first day - hopefully I'll be able to hit that mark over this month.

Tomorrow Spencer will be two months old. We have a Dr. visit for him to get a round of shots (!) and we'll get new data points for his height & weight to see how he's grown. Looking back over the pictures from the past two months, it's clear to see that he has changed. And I had a hard time believing much of what we had been reading about newborn care, but as promised, I am actually starting to see patterns emerge in Spencer's daily routine. There is great relief in some amount of predictability with our schedule. I now know what time of day I can take a shower and not have to run out to care for a screaming baby.

Looks like the little dude is now ready for 'lunch.'

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