Sunday, February 15, 2004

Time has absolutely been flying. Mom is in town again for the long weekend to visit with her grandson (and us!) Her presence has afforded Jim and I the opportunity to enjoy a romantic Valentine's Day dinner out last night at Chef G's, and an indulgent trip to the movies this afternoon to see Miracle. Speaking of Valentine's Day, Spencer isn't even three months old, and he received three valentine cards this year! One from his great-grandma (my grandma in NY,) my mom, and his special Aunt Ronnee. What a lucky little guy! Although we knew not to get accustomed to any 'schedule' as it is destined to change, we had been enjoying some predictability in Spencer's schedule for the past two or three weeks, and it was quite a shock to our systems when he was unable to sleep more than two hours at a stretch last night.

Right now Jim is playing hockey, mom's at the grocery store, and I'm home with Spencer, more or less waiting for him to wake up so I can feed him. It's nice when you have three people around taking care of one infant!

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