Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Even though Spencer isn't even sitting up yet, I just can't believe how many milestones appear to be right around the corner. I'm very curious/anxious about his visit to the pediatrician next month to find out how big he is. I swear he just keeps looking longer and feeling heavier every day. Even the teachers say he looks different after not seeing him for a couple of days on the weekend. His favorite toy to check out these days is an inflatable beach ball that hangs down from the ceiling on an elastic cord, about two feet off the floor. Spencer loves the movement of the stripes as it spins and floats around over his head. I got a kick out of reading the most recent "classroom news" even though there was no mention of Spencer this week! (Last names omitted.) "We work a lot with critical thinking skills. This week, Ty, Frankie, Tim and Ryan were trying to catch a bee. Suddenly, Ty stopped and said 'I don't think catching a bee is a good idea.' On second thought, they all agreed, and off they went to find something a little safer to do."

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