Wednesday, March 10, 2004

It was great to catch up with Peggy on the phone this morning! I was amused to learn that last week's blog entry about Spencer's poop made news in another household ~1200 miles away and brought back fond memories for them! Hopefully we will be able to introduce them to Spencer during our trip to NY next month. It will be quite an ordeal to travel there with an infant on a plane. Good thing we've still got some time to work out the many logistical details that lie ahead.

After work, Carol and Brian came over and we took a nice long walk with the boys to a lake with ducks in the adjacent subdivision. Carol and I were much more impressed with the scenery & wildlife than our sons, so we promptly turned around and headed back once we hit that destination. We both are excited that our boys are so close in age and will be able to spend time together as playmates. With a two month head start, right now Brian is far more interested in Spencer than vice versa. We are looking forward to the day when they will begin to interact.

(For those keeping track, Spencer last pooped on Monday.)

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