Thursday, March 11, 2004

I'm looking forward to tonight's episode of "The Apprentice" because the preview clip they showed last week of the celebration toast following Omarosa's departure looks hilarious. In talking with mom on the phone last night, I told her I liked this new show because 1) it's generally funny and entertaining, but more importantly 2) it helps me to explain my job as a project manager to other people. Each week a different person on the team is given the role of project manager, and we get a chance to see many different styles of how individuals deal with the responsibilities of managing the team to complete the task at hand given a fixed amount of time, resources and money. "The Donald" makes it very clear in the boardroom at the end of each show that regardless of what happened during the course of the project, the project manager must always shoulder the ultimate responsibility for success or failure as a whole: how decisions are made (or in some cases inability to make decisions is highlighted,) how sub-tasks are assigned (by skill, ability, preference, etc.) and how to get the cooperation out of each team member required to succeed. It's nice to be validated within such a short period of time, and receive some of the luxurious awards doled out.

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