Friday, March 12, 2004

Given the inherent edge of being a Friday, today was a pretty darn good day. Jim took Spencer to school in the morning, and I strapped on my phone headset for back to back to back conference calls, and didn't take it off until after noon. The first one went something like "while Bonnie was on leave we decided that she should take over this project so I'll be transitioning it to her." Then the next call went something like, "now that Bonnie has returned from maternity leave, I'll be transitioning project management of this effort back to her." It's nice to be missed, I guess.

But the really good stuff today happened in the afternoon. Talking to Deena (my sister) earlier this week gave me the motivation to try my hand at bread-making for the first time so we could have some nice challah this Friday evening to celebrate shabbat. I found a "classic challah" recipe in The Gourmet Jewish Cook which I received from Irene (I think as a housewarming present) that I decided to use. Working from home, I was able to take out 10 minutes during lunchtime to activate the yeast and mix the dough together to set aside to rise. The whole process was easier than I had expected, and the end result was yummy, although now I know what to tweak for next time. When we lit candles, I think even Spencer sensed something special as he sat quietly on Jim's lap. One special part of the Friday night shabbat prayers includes a blessing for the children. This is something I'd like to continue, to let Spencer know how much we cherish him.

Speaking of love, Deena sure does love her little nephew as evidenced by THE MOST AWESOME QUILT EVER that she hand-made for little Spencer. I was just stunned when I opened the package today to see such a gorgeous quilt, and to know that she made it herself - incredible. I took pictures of the whole quilt, and each square in detail. But the photos just can't do it justice, it's a work of art.

Each Friday Spencer's school prints a one page newsletter and this week the 'classroom news' section led off with a couple sentences about our little man! "Baby Spencer Leach is 3 months old, that delightful age when they figure out that they can make their hands move themselves. He also delights in watching all the movement from the other babies in his community." How cool is that to be in the newsletter. (Don't worry - we picked up extra copies to send to the grandmas!)

Spencer pooped yesterday after we got home from school. He has now gone four times in the month of March.

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